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Picture Credit - http://pichars.org/aqasE

Picture Credit – http://pichars.org/aqasE

Life is running out. Years  jumble together. Months whiz by. Days, minutes, seconds. All too many, too fast, to count. Dreams remain unattainable. Mind continues to be numbed. News, books, TV, soaps, comedy, fiction, nonfiction, barbecues, cooking, cleaning, sleeping. The more I meet people, the more disappointed I feel. The pettiness, the fake attitudes, the cynicism, the falseness and oh! god, the snark. Snark, snark, everywhere. It’s hip. It’s in. It’s mean. It’s the appeal. Jesus, just calm the @#$%  down. Be real. Stop. Breathe. Time is running out. It’s time.

It’s time to flip the tables and head out. Go out and live life the way you really want to, do what you like, be with whom you love and remember, look around and smile. Who knows? Maybe it’ll infect others as well.