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I think there are many factors which go into why one likes a particular book. Of course, it has to be well-written and engaging. Of course, it has to have those two elusive aspects which everybody harps about !!!- the VOICE and the CONNECTION.

Right now when my inbox has multiples of this (some polite, some partials, but still taking sooooo long):


I shall endeavor to remain upbeat and pretend like it doesn’t #$%^ing effect me. LA-lalalaaala. (She sucks in a deep breath and chants her life’s mantra – Keep Calm and Grow A Mustache.)

I also feel that why you fall in love with a book often reflects on what you’re going through, at that time in your life. Something that may seem frivolous to me today, could mean something completely different, depending on the circumstances.

I have been re-reading some of these lately and have found that these are the few books, for which my affection remains unchanged. So, here are my fond five.

  • The Catcher in the Rye – The book that breathed a new life into literature and flipped all those stuffed literary types of those times.
  • Jane Eyre/ A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – I really feel that these books are soooo similar. Fighting with where and what you’re born into with your eyes on where you want to be. It really connects with me.
  • Life of Pi – When I read this book it was a bit of a revelation to me. To see what you have with new eyes and to start valuing it. To embark on a journey which changes you forever. Of course the ending really cinched the deal for me. What do you think? Did he eat up all those people or not?
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – I think it was my first dystopian read. It challenged me and made me think about what could be.
  • Naked – Hilarious is the only way to describe it. One of my favorite authors.