Okay, this is the last one in the five favorite series. I give you my word. Oh! Awwright. Pinky promise.

I think music is one thing that can surpass generations, centuries and still be loved. Not even books can do that. Though some might disagree. No. Really. Have you recently tried reading an unabridged version of a classic? The language seems so cumbersome (IMO). But a melody can transcend time, space, even life itself.

Just had to put that up. It’s so me! ;0) (click on it if it’s not working!) So, here are my fav’s.

  • If you could read my mind love/Gordon Lightfoot – How can someone actually create something so beautiful? So lonesome, I could die.
  • Romeo and Juliet/THE Dire Straits – “All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme. Juliet, I’d do the stars with you, anytime.” Oh! baby baby baby. Phew! Just for that line, baby.
  • I’ve seen it all/Bjork ft. Thom Yorke – As depressing as the movie was, this song is the ultimate inspiration for me.
  • Tubthumping/ Chumbawamba – Ain’t no better pick-me-up song than this!
  • Smoke gets in your eyes/Platters – I remember watching this movie ‘Being Julia’…which is awesome by the way, and I heard this song again after ages as the credits rolled out. Just bliss.

Okay, there are so many more, I can’t help but put these….just two more recent favorites:

You Already Know/Bombay Bicycle Club – “We said love was painted gold. But like all things, growin’ old. The paint peels and slowly falls. You Already Know.” Brutal but sooo true.

‘Insert sexy french title‘/ Carla Bruni –  I’m too lazy to look it up. But the melody is just so great. I remember, reading the translation once. It’s goes something like ‘someone told me you love me, is it true?’  or some such. Highly recommended.

And you dear reader, care to share yours?