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I know what you’re thinking. WTF? Well, I’m right there with you.

Thing is, for the last month (seems way longer) all I see on news sites is Robert and Kristen broke up, moving out, eating cereal!, walking,  and Ohoh oh oh MYGAWD…back together!

I know celebrity news sells….but really, I’ve just had enough!

Hey, I admit, there was a time when I found the whole Edward vs Jacob thing exciting….heck! I may have even actively contributed to the frenzy…but then I grew up (….oh! okay grew older.) Now my mature brain cringes when the news features a seven year old crying and pining after Edward/Robert…Jesus! whatever happened to Spiderman/Batman…why are they so sought after by geeks or collectors and not  by seven year olds?

Let this be a call to the might of the universe……please bring our superheroes back! Let brainy be the new sexy.

(But seriously, how hot is that pic!;))