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Now, bear with me. Have you seen how paper books have almost been phased out of our lives? Almost! Some book sniffers like me still prefer buying them from a store. It’s about the whole experience and that musty, wood polish and vinegar smell. Or maybe I’m just plain cuckoo.

But today, I can confess to you’all. I’m caving in. Thing is, e-books are just too damn convenient! Seriously, you can buy ’em, stack ’em up, take ’em along and  read anywhere, everywhere you want! (and they open at the very page you left them !gasp!) Evil incarnate.

Now since even die-hard paper book fanatics like me, are leaning towards e-books, their sales will obviously become chunkier than the store-bought books. Now how does that result in an economic boom, you ask me?

Self-Publishing. That’s how!

The last two years have seen this business boom like never before. So, more successful self-published authors out there. More dough rolling in. And what does a starved, hungry, previously unpubbed author do when they see some greens? They go out and bust it, that’s what.

And that’s where the economic wheel starts spinning, higher retail spending will eventually lead to a spectacular economic boom.

So really, what should Obama be talking about right now?

Buying books from self-published authors.

That’s right. There’s the key to the economic rebound. And remember. You heard it here first!