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One of those days…when you feel like your writing sucks. When you read something so beautiful that you feel your entire novel is just crapshoot in comparison. When you have such immense self-doubt that even a minor comment from someone close feels like a huge let-down. Ever had one of those days?

Notes to self:

  1. Write the next word, then another and another. Keep Writing! Don’t give up. 
  2. Rejection blajection. Try to take it lightly. I KNOW. No. really, I know. It’s tough. BUT. Don’t let them get you down. They are there for a reason. Every great author has had them. You are a part of the esteemed elite. Hah! Rejection blablajection.
  3. Stay positive. That whole documentary about ‘The Miracle’ or The Secret or some such. Also, every other spiritual guru in this world has driven himself hoarse talking about thinking good things. Heck, who knows, maybe they know a thing or two. STAY FREAKING POSITIVE.
  4. Take a long walk/bath/lunch break/whatever rocks your boat at that time and then come back and start afresh. Maybe you’ll get that brilliant line that makes your hair stand on its end.
  5. Every writer goes through those days. You, my friend are not alone. The universe is on your side. 
  6. And last but not the least. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi. SCORE! Amen.