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Build a platform!

Open a Facebook account. A Tumblr account. A Twitter account. A Blog. A Goodreads account. A website. Heck! Launch an app.

Reach out!

Update status on Facebook, upload some abstract/gothic/book porn pic on Tumblr, snarky/witty remark on Twitter. An equally snarky/witty article on Blog. Follow the publishers, editors, agents, million club kindle publishers. Review a book, update on Goodreads. Update website with all of the above.

What? You still haven’t gained any love?

Have you tried doing it three times a day? What? You have a life? And what else would you be rather doing?!!

You know like….just being with my thoughts and writing them? (says nervously and jumps off the window after being Tomatina-ed with snickers and bickering remarks.)