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I know. I KNOW. Piracy is bad. It’s the reason so many artists are broke. It’s bad for the industry, for the economy, for everyone. But let’s backtrack a bit. Shall we?

We all see the turmoil that self-publishing has brought about. We see big publishing houses take measures to save themselves from going bankrupt (the Penguin case). We see literary agents getting wary of any new projects that they take. It’s a difficult market for everyone. What I see is a repeat of the same thing that happened a few years ago with Apple and the music industry. Music for $0.99? Sounds familiar? At that time, everyone thought this is it. Doom. But then, the music industry re-engineered itself and it’s doing just fine. At the end of the day, what Apple did for the artists was to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. I think the same thing is happening now with the publishing industry.

Coming to the piracy bit. Now, if a self-published author is already selling their novels for 99 cents or a bit more and if there are too many pirated copies floating around on ‘book sharing’ blogs, how is the author to feed herself/himself let alone buy a Ferrari? Huh?

I honestly, really truly believe that if my book ever gets published (!) I would have no problems with people exchanging  copies of it. You might say, that’s what you feel now, but wait till you see that sales are not moving or you’re not getting paid enough. No. Really. No problems. The thought that someone out there actually liked my book well enough to share it with others! The thought that they would set aside precious hours from their lives to read my book. Phew! It’s reward enough. And this will not change. No matter if I don’t get paid. If my book is not getting bought. If it’s being read, it’s gonna be good enough for me.

You see, I really believe that some amount of piracy actually helps in getting a good book that necessary buzz. That elusive word-of-mouth. And out of 50 copies, even if half are getting bought because of the buzz created by the other half? It’s good enough for me. I know lots of people might not agree with me but really, this is how I feel.

Okay, now for the freebie part. As a part of my “LEND A HAND” project, (where I try to do a good deed everyday in the hope that karma will come back to reward me! 🙂 not totally selfless, as you see!) I am uploading a snapshot of my target agent list. These are some of the top literary agents who are interested in YA. I have painstakingly collected their names from various sites and discussion boards. Feel free to use it. Someday I might work harder and list down all their e-mails as well. Someday!

Full Circle Literary Sara Sciuto
Sheldon Fogelman Sean Mc Carthy
Caroline Sheldon Caroline Sheldon
Bright Group Intl Gemma Cooper
PS Literary Carly Watters
Alexander Aitken John McElwee
Foundry Media Stephen Barbara
Grinberg Literary Grinberg
Greenhouse literary Julia Churchill
Herman Agency Jill Corcoran
Fine Print Literary Becky Vinter
Bill Contardi
Rosemary Stimola
BG literary Monti
Morhaim Literary McKean
Rodeen Literary Rodeen
Inkwell management Catherine Drayton
ICM Tina Wexler
Wernick Pratt Linda Pratt
Signature Literary Amy Tipton
Danielle Chiotti
KT Literary Katherine Testerman
New Leaf Literary Kathleen Ortiz
Fox Literary Ms. Fox
Waxman Leavell Holly Root
David Higham Williams
Blair Partnership King
RCW Literary Claire Wilson
LMQ Literary Anthony
Ethan Ellenberg Gregory
Bent Agency Susan Hawk
GS Literary Victoria Marini
Axelrod Steve Axelrod
DCLA Agency Carlson
Curtis Brown Sarah LaPolla
Mass Agency Mc Clure
Nelson Agency Nelson
Wolfson literary Wolfson
Writers House Stephen Barr
Bradford Literary Bradford
Sarah Burnes
Sarah Jane Freyman Sinshiemer
Dystel Rudolph
JD Literary Marie Lamba
Andrea Brown Jamie Chilton
Movable TM Adam chromy
Kimberley Cameron Ethan Vaughan
Adrienne Rosado NY Literary
Marsal Lyon Kathleen Rushall
d4eo Bree Ogden
Folio Literary Molly Jaffa
Irene Goodman Mirriam Kriss
SG Literary Ann Behar
Janklow Julie Just
Knight Agency Nephele Tempest
Sandra Djik.. Thao Le
Andrea Hurst Vickie Motter
Harvey Klinger Andrea Somberg
FB literary Bender
Liza Dawson Caitlin
WME Dorain Karchmar