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Many times in my life I have gone through things which challenged my faith in God, in myself, in life itself.

Many times I have wondered what the very purpose of life is? Why do we keep living? What drives us? What’s the use?

  • Is it my family? My four-year-old? His bright, inquisitive eyes or his quirky questions? The joy of sharing life with like-minded people?
  • Is it hope? For success in life, for a better house, travelling, a better wardrobe?!
  • Is it of somehow reaching a higher level where none of the above will matter?

Most of this may sound like intellectual angst, but I feel this is the very basis of why we keep on going. Is it not?

So, what is the answer? The easiest, I think. All of the above.

So keeping with finding the answers for my life, this is the wish-list for the next year of my life:

Yah! World Peace would be appropriate but then I was never the beauty queen type. Far from it. I was the one sitting in the corner in my jeggings (when they were not cool..oh, they still aren’t?!) and horn-rimmed glasses, mocking the huggers and kissers.

  • Learn to cook lip-smacking dinners a la Julia Child. (with less butter though!)
  • Learn swimming (…..ummm….I don’t know how to swim, okay? There I said it.)
  • See my book published in all its paperback glory.
  • Get my groove back by learning how to ride…a horse!


These are my resolutions for the next year. This one I shall re-visit end of next year. Let’s see how this goes.

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