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Four things you should never think of when writing:

Ryan Gosling: You might end up gushing for three para’s about how swoon-worthy your male protagonist is. How long his eyelashes are, how scruffy his chin is, how nibble-worthy his ears are….CUT IT OUT! Think of Yoda instead.   “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?”



Stephenie Meyer/ J.K. Rowling: Face it. Miracles happen. It happened to them. Maybe more so for the former than the latter! (Now let’s not get too snarky, you unpubbed writer you!) Stop dreaming about how you’ll design the amusement park based on the fantasy you’re writing. Let’s just write first, okay? hmmm?

Eating Junk And Feeling Guilty: Stop with the cookies/crisps/ chips and other sugar infested gunk. Put the junk out, not in. That’s just basic ‘how to survive an apocalypse 101’. And trust me, the apocalypse ain’t coming baby. It’s gonna be a long, long life ahead. Also, I know you don’t get paid, wear ratty pajamas half the time, feel bloated, think you’re nothing short of a waste of flesh and blood that can be donated to save a starving Ethiopian’s life. (Wait! That’s just me?!) Don’t beat yourself up! My preciiiouusssss.

Facebook/Twitter/Blog: No good will come off this.  Trust me. No good. Talking of which…