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My last post got me thinking about things I used to die for when I was a teen which now make cringe. You know we all have those. It could be something as lame as biting my nails till my fingers were raw, to bleaching (just the pouf part! ghastly!!) or watching MTV like my life depended on it. Here are the other cringe-worthy secrets from my teen years:

  • Watching programs like Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and OMG! Beverly Hills 90210. Total desi Hollywood wannabe.  Sheesh. (Okay, I’ll include it. Doogie Houser. There. Happy?!)
  • Reading Sidney Sheldon, James Hadley Chase and what I then thought was porn – Jackie Collins.
  • MS DOS. Microsoft Windows in all its glory. Hotmail. THE World Wide Web!!!  The Bubble. The Bust. And the Holy Grail – Google.
  • Sony Walkman. Casio calculator. Tape. VCR. I think my son will probably write laptops, iPad ten years down the line. Or is it 5?
  • Mmmbop. I want Candy. Macarena. Maria.
  • Thinking of McDonald’s as my second home.

And yes, that’s Justin Timberlake.

Edited to add – Have you seen this guy? Jesus! He’s cool!