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He waded through the water. Dark, lush, thriving, luscious temptress. It burned his nostrils and seared his mind. It called out to him.  He spotted her far ahead. She was dozing on the beach. A siren song being sung just for him.

He ran towards her, his limbs flailing in expectation of the treat spread out in such seductive display. His excitement heightened as he neared her. The shocking flush on her cheeks deepened as she opened her eyes and gazed at him. Oh! She was a beauty and he was going to enjoy every inch of her. Specially, the inconspicuous nick on the sole of her foot. “Brains! Me eat brains!” he shrieked and lunged.

Happy Halloween everyone!

PS- Have you heard? Penguin and Random House have merged! What it means for us authors? One less publisher. More cost-cutting, more discounts. Cheaper books. Less money to make. More negotiation power in the hands of the publisher so less favorable deals for writers. Jesus! Self-publishing is looking more and more attractive every day!