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The world cannot wait for FOUR more years.

Why? Let’s see…

The world order – The Euro is going down the drain along with the European economy. In the US, Oh! Ba -Ma will be really tested next year on all that he has promised…and who else is there in the world? Ah! China &  Russia –  scared shitless on any potential for a revolution..(did you know they’ve banned people from flying toy planes in China? and also they’ve taken off the window crank handles from all taxis? Apparently they’re scared that some brave dissidents will throw blasphemous pamphlets from these scary mobile contraptions!) Then there’s India and Brazil – Both stuck with leaders who are too bogged down by internal party politics to do much about the economy. And who else? Middle East, Africa, rest of Asia – Really? Do you even want to go there? It’s just a hell lot of misery to even talk about.

Job – Well, duh! All of the above will obviously have a massive impact on our jobs. Some will lose them, some will be able to diversify and splurge on Chinese take-outs, others will wonder if its better just to settle on top of a hill and live the way God intended us to. Naked, filthy, picking fleas from each others hair and gorging on bananas. Personally, I’d go for it. (Just with three of my must-have post-apocalyptic things – cans of corn/peas, a knife and a truckload of drugs.)

Personal – Well, when the money in your bank has all been shot to hell, what personal life is left to talk about? Who cares about love and   all the attached frivolities when your stomach craves anything…Oh! God! anything other than a McCheese?

So, you see, next year HAS to be the year of change.

Oh ye leaders of the world, you have just one more year. Do something!