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Lost, Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood), Superman…would you care to watch a sequel of any of these?

Apart from some die-hard loyalists of the actors I doubt if anybody has any real interest in knowing more about anything from the above series. I mean, how much more can a story be milked for Christ’s sake?! So, that’s the number one reason, right there.

Stale Stories – There comes a time when the Bold and the Beautiful have slept with each other, their father/mother, cousins, siblings, all of whom have had accidents which led to short-term memory loss, or a complete facial surgery or a split personality and then they’ve had children who’ve also gone through all of the wringers mentioned above. Please. No. No more. Just please.

Wrinkles and coffee-spots – Then there’s a time when the supposed twenty-year-old starts looking like he’s a lecherous pig for trying to seduce the supposed nineteen-year-old. (Shucks! Are those stretch marks I see on her exposed mid-riff?! Cover it woman! You can’t pass off as a naive teen anymore!)  Quit. Get a new job. Paint your nails. Go for a jog. Clear your mind. Write a book!

Little Red Sunshine – Sometimes the dialogues, the lines, the writing just feels like tripe. (Trust me, I know all about shitty writing.) It’s dead and gone to hell, honey. It’s frying in its own juices. No one wants to waste good olive oil or even canola on it. Just stop flogging the poor deceased departed soul-less sucker.


James Bond, Spiderman, Batman – Now, man! Bang. Bang. Bang. And bang again. These guys know how to wing it. They come back and…guess what. BANG. How can they do it and others can’t? Maybe because they know. Dark and dangerous is not always a gamble. All of them grew in character, in depth, in voice, along with the times. But not always jazzier. Sometimes, the blue screen wins and 3-D loses. Sometimes stunts win and the blue screen loses. Those are the good times.

Now, only if someone came up with an edgier Matrix! Wow. Would that even be possible? Let’s wait. I’ll be watching.