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Dear Readers,

My journey to publishing began about a billion years ago…wait…has it just been four months? Some might say four months is nothing or that’s the waiting list for any book that has a chance of rising through the slushpile. Others might say, work on your book, scrap, write another.


I have decided to self-publish my baby. Why? Because,

  • I have faith in what I’ve written. I re-read, edited, re-read times five. I stand by my work.
  • I am so SOO sick of waiting for responses to partial requests, complete requests…keeping that damn excel sheet updated with disappointing news and most of all I am sick of the form rejections that I get. The kind which say, refer to The Herman’s Guide To Literary Agents for finding the agent best suited for your work; your concept is unique but I’m not the right person; the worst …..it’s well written, interesting BUT I’m not excited enough to represent it.

The last few weeks have been an introspective journey of sorts. Do I wait for the partial requests which have been languishing? Do I wait for responses to my other queries? Much nail-biting and cookie munching later, I decided.

Yes! You guessed it. TO HELL WITH IT.

So, what now? You ask?

My plan is as follows:

  • I’m going to take on beta-readers, to give a final polish to my manuscript. Depending on the responses I’ve received  I think this will take 3-4 weeks.
  • I’m going to get my cover designed. (AND I CAN BE THE MASTER OF IT!) This will take another 2-3 weeks, depending on edits.
  • I’ll be posting teasers in another two weeks and then….
  • I’m going to press the ‘publish’ button.

And just like that my baby will be out there. I just want people to read it. Enjoy it. Trash it. Give some freaking opinions on it. Just…my book…finally…being READ!

Trust me, I know the market is a lot tougher now. There are many more self-pubbed books out there. I know many sink without a trace and only a few survive the competition. BUT…and this is the last time I’m  going to say it, I promise….To Hell With It!!! 🙂

Much Love.

PS- Yikees!Puhhhlease wish me luck!