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If you’re wondering about the pink equal sign that I’ve put up on my banner. It’s a sign that says I support the Human Rights Campaign which promotes equal rights for the LGBT group. Today a court in Washington will determine whether gay marriage will be legal or not in the future.

As I watched the news, I saw footage of teenagers, girls, boys, men, women, elderly all raising banners and objecting vehemently to gay marriage. Now one thing I just don’t get. I don’t understand how these people can have such a strong opinion against gay marriage? Let’s see the points they talk about.

1) Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman – Please don’t get me started on this. I know of plenty marriages where nothing is sacred and there’s no union happening to talk of. There is nothing sacred in an unhealthy relationship. There is just love or an absence of it. And sometimes love doesn’t need a di#$ and a vagina to thrive. You get me?

2) Marriage has legal implications – Yes. And don’t you think that a gay couple has a right to decide for the other’s needs during a medical emergency? Don’t you think a partner has a right to the other’s precious belongings after death? Are you that inhuman?

3) Children need a healthy unit to thrive – Really? Have you not seen the state of foster homes these days? Have you not heard of parents mistreating, abusing their children? I am friends with two individuals in my life. Both of whom are gay. They are no less responsible or caring than my ‘straight’ friends. Both would be wonderful parents. Children look for love, care and attention. They don’t need gender specific roles to get a right dose of that.

If you support the cause and want to put the pink equal sign as your facebook/twitter profile pic. Visit….https://www.facebook.com/humanrightscampaign?fref=ts

Thank you.