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Chances are you’ve already read articles which assess the whole Amazon buys Goodreads thing, down to its very bones. Will it go against the community of readers? Will it go against the indie spirit? Will it burp, will it poop, will it sing tuneless nursery rhymes? Jesus.

I have nothing to add to it. Except that I don’t care. What I really care about is…

…the saturation of the market. With new apps being launched every minute, trendier magazines, video games, movies on demand, reality shows profiling life of superstars, billionaires and their toupee’s , homeless, security guards, lifeguards, CEO’s, cleaners, CEO’s dressed as cleaners, immigrants, nondescript toddlers who name their roadkill before eating it, housewives who say things like, ‘I’ll eat a bitch.’ Seriously. We don’t need to worry about Amazon, Goodreads, self-publishing, traditional publishing, platforms and other blabla’s. We need to be worrying about the shrinking pie of what drives the whole market.

The readers. Book readers. To clarify, Book readers who don’t belong to the writing/publishing community. People who actually walk around/into bookstores, who check out the latest bestsellers on the ibooks store, who sometimes also review books and sometimes…just sometimes…buy them.

Will these people remain with us? Or will they be swept away in the alternative madness of the entertainment world? It remains to be seen how it will all pan out but one thing’s for sure…as long as writer’s like him exist…people will never stop reading. What and from where…now that is up for debate.

Now please excuse me, while I curl up with the latest J.R. Ward. Something tells me I won’t be disappointed.