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1) Don’t keep checking Goodreads, Amazon and all of the other innumerable sales channels which you had no idea were even selling your book (Diesel e-books store!) for new reviews. STEP AWAY FROM THAT BUTTON! DON”T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Reading all the negative reviews will not help you! Look away. Go pluck your eyebrows, wax your legs, anything….anything will be more pleasurable than reading that slamming review. Step away now!

2) Don’t keep wasting your money on promos and adverts without having a basic marketing plan. Figure out which websites work for your book, which free book advert boosters are popular, which blogs have heavy traffic. Then figure out when you plan to launch your book, will you be a part of KDP Select, when do you plan to make it free, when do you plan to book the various promo dates, are they even available?….and while you’re busy dong all of this….do not under any circumstances ignore point number one. If you think you can just slip in a glance at your Goodreads review page because hey, it probably won’t even count. You THINK WRONG.

Dear dear writer, trust me, you don’t need that kind of stress in your life! You were already screwed when you chose this profession ‘coz there is probably nothing that takes so much time and pays so badly as writing does (well, maybe teaching! I part-time as a teacher…so I’m kinda in the know).

3) Don’t look at another writer’s Facebook page, blog and feel envious at the speed with which they keep posting updates and churn out new books. Just like we say it for our children, every writer is also…special. Say it with me…FCUK THIS SHIT! Just write your next book and focus all your energy on it because in the end that’s what really matters.

6) That said…don’t ignore the readers and bloggers who’ve liked your book and said pretty things about it. There is no better motivation in the world than an ‘I loved your book!’ e-mail in your inbox. Share the love back. With other readers, bloggers, even other authors. They are not the enemy. They are in it just as much as you. Now switch off all your social media accounts and…get back to writing that next book!!

As will I.