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Hey, dear readers, today I present to you the man who’s blazing up the cover of WEAR YOU DOWN – Book Two in the First Things series.

Francesco Cura

And it’s not just good looks people. Mr Cura studied art history and design at the prestigious Institute of Arts P. Toschi in Parma, Italy and graduated with honors. He then moved to Milan and began work as a male fashion model. He also began classical training as an Opera singer and discovered he had a four-octave vocal range. In 1998, Francesco moved to New York and studied theater at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Following his move, he began to appear in numerous stage productions and after moving to Los Angeles, delved into film and television roles. Francesco was born in Bedonia, Italy.

Oh, para os seus olhos azuis… 

francesco-cura-photo-123Francesco Cura22

IMAGE CREDIT: Francesco Cura, CURAPhotography

IMAGE CREDIT: Francesco Cura, CURAPhotography

Jesus, those eyes!  *sigh* \_(ツ)_/

So are you ready for Friday?!!! Francesco is coming to rock your boat!! 😀