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Friday is coming, people!! Three days to go for the WEAR YOU DOWN release and here’s a teaser for you…

Both of us were breathing heavily as we stood there staring at each other, completely amazed by the intensity of what we’d just shared. The year-long separation had done us some good after all.
Harry’s hands moved up to hold my face and his thumb started stroking my cheek. “Baby, we’ve already wasted one whole year so I’m not going to play any more games. I’m in this for the long haul. Are you?”
I nodded my head slowly but then stopped as something occurred to me. “I’m in Rio and you’re from…”
“Illinois,” Harry said quietly.
“So then…how is this ever going to work?”
He looked at me for a beat and then replied in a soothing gravelly voice. It was the kind of voice that could make you believe in love, eternity and happily ever after.
“We’ll make it work. After seeing you work that stage, I don’t think you should ever stop doing what you obviously love and are so good at.”
His words hit me somewhere deep in my heart…

LINK TO THE iTUNES STORE – http://bit.ly/1k6X2Wr
Available on AMAZON from 28th February, 2014.