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He was standing there in all his gloriousness, wearing his leather jacket and his sexy-as-hell hair. A smile instinctively broke out on my face but then the wave of relief froze. For the first time, I saw him. As in really saw him.
My eyes took in the vein throbbing wildly on his forehead, the anger burning in his eyes and the hard clench of his jaw. To add to all that serious bad assery, he also had this scar.
My heart thumped an uneven beat as I followed its length. It trailed down his left cheek and cut a scratchy path across his neck, disappearing into the neckline of his leather jacket.
This was not the sexy boy I’d seen at the airport. This was a seriously scary mother.
I was still busy getting freaked out when all of a sudden something heavy landed on my shoulders. My body jolted but then relaxed as I realized it was just his arm. For some unfathomable reason, he’d placed it on my shoulders.
A sudden tug and my body lodged against his chest. Then he started lowering his head and my breath hitched. I braced for what was about to come. But instead of doing anything inappropriate he just brought his lips close to my ear and whispered, “Play along.”

Harry Colt