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When I’d started my self-publication journey, I’d set a milestone for myself.

But before I share that, I want to tell you about how it felt during those long torturous months when I used to receive standard rejection e-mails from agents. As it is, being a writer is tough. You work alone. For a long time you get no feedback on what you’re writing, you have to discipline yourself, you have to constantly assure yourself that the work you’re doing is not completely useless and utter crap.

Fighting all these moments of horrible self-doubt, once you’ve managed to write that perfect masterpiece…the one that had been simmering inside you all those years…you send it off to agents hoping like hell you’ll get some reply…some sort of comment…feedback…anything. Then you get your first rejection letter. It’s killing of course, but not as much as the last one.

Every day, I used to switch on my iPad and after my shoulders had slumped with yet another standard rejection e-mail, I used to hop over to the iBook Store and dream about seeing my book featured there. Someday, I used to tell myself.

Yesterday, it happened. Yes. My book..my whole series was featured as a part of an ongoing promotion campaign being run by Apple.

‘First In A Series’ is a promotion currently being run on the iBook Store and my book is just one of the many featured there. But. It’s there. It’s what I’d always dreamed about. It might not be much for many authors but for me it means a lot. It’s a validation like no other. Even the CEO of Smashwords, Mark Coker, posted about this promotion and mentioned all the Smashwords authors that got featured in it. Including me.

So, dear reader, if you’re thinking of publishing a book and you’ve been repeatedly getting bogged down, I suggest you wait no longer. The Nike tagline might be a big boring cliche but hell, it’s one hundred per cent true. See for yourself…

FIRST THINGS SERIES on Apple’s iBook Store

SMASHWORDS Article by Mark Coker