Wear You Down…Teaser #2!


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He was standing there in all his gloriousness, wearing his leather jacket and his sexy-as-hell hair. A smile instinctively broke out on my face but then the wave of relief froze. For the first time, I saw him. As in really saw him.
My eyes took in the vein throbbing wildly on his forehead, the anger burning in his eyes and the hard clench of his jaw. To add to all that serious bad assery, he also had this scar.
My heart thumped an uneven beat as I followed its length. It trailed down his left cheek and cut a scratchy path across his neck, disappearing into the neckline of his leather jacket.
This was not the sexy boy I’d seen at the airport. This was a seriously scary mother.
I was still busy getting freaked out when all of a sudden something heavy landed on my shoulders. My body jolted but then relaxed as I realized it was just his arm. For some unfathomable reason, he’d placed it on my shoulders.
A sudden tug and my body lodged against his chest. Then he started lowering his head and my breath hitched. I braced for what was about to come. But instead of doing anything inappropriate he just brought his lips close to my ear and whispered, “Play along.”

Harry Colt


WEAR YOU DOWN – Teaser #1


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Friday is coming, people!! Three days to go for the WEAR YOU DOWN release and here’s a teaser for you…

Both of us were breathing heavily as we stood there staring at each other, completely amazed by the intensity of what we’d just shared. The year-long separation had done us some good after all.
Harry’s hands moved up to hold my face and his thumb started stroking my cheek. “Baby, we’ve already wasted one whole year so I’m not going to play any more games. I’m in this for the long haul. Are you?”
I nodded my head slowly but then stopped as something occurred to me. “I’m in Rio and you’re from…”
“Illinois,” Harry said quietly.
“So then…how is this ever going to work?”
He looked at me for a beat and then replied in a soothing gravelly voice. It was the kind of voice that could make you believe in love, eternity and happily ever after.
“We’ll make it work. After seeing you work that stage, I don’t think you should ever stop doing what you obviously love and are so good at.”
His words hit me somewhere deep in my heart…

LINK TO THE iTUNES STORE – http://bit.ly/1k6X2Wr
Available on AMAZON from 28th February, 2014.

Hey All! Some Brilliant News…


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ALL MY LIFE was the second most downloaded book in Australia last month and was even mentioned by Apple as one of the most popular New Adult reads!

It was also featured in the iBook Store (along with the likes of Jillian Dodd and Christina Lauren)! Check the link here which the nice people at Apple sent to me: http://bit.ly/Knr6xa

And for all my dear readers who are waiting anxiously for WEAR YOU DOWN…..you don’t have to wait long….February 28th is coming soon!


I leave you now with a LOVEly…lovely song….

Writing Inspiration


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  • Quantity produces quality.
  • Begin and inspiration will follow.
  • Write, write, write more, even more, everyday, even when you don’t want to, when you are sick, when you are blue…just write.
  • Don’t listen to criticism but do pay heed to suggestions.
  • Write crap. Edit later.
  • Don’t get bogged down by the nasty, the competitors or the ever-present self-doubt.
  • Get into the scene but don’t forget the story.
  • Shades in characters do make them richer…even if they’re not ‘Grey’.
  • Listen to music, read, watch, walk, cook, clean, work…do whatever it takes to get your next page out.
  • Aspire but remember…work before glory.



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Okay, ladies, Francesco Cura is here to fire up your Friday! Presenting the cover of WEAR YOU DOWN – Book Two of the First Things series!…You like?


WEAR YOU DOWN will be out on February 28, 2013 on Amazon, B&N, Nook and Kobo. But you can pre-order your copy from Apple right now!  (This link will work if you have iTunes on your device. To pre-order just search for ‘Wear You Down‘ in iBookstore on your iPad/ iPhone and you’ll strike gold. 🙂 )



Emma Paes has had a very Dickensesque start to her life. The born in a dumpster, rescued by a missionary and caged in a convent kind.

Over the years, fueled by her love for sitcoms and classics, Emma dreams of visiting the land of Gilmore Girls, becoming a governess and maybe even finding her very own Mr. Rochester.

When she bumps into Harry Colt while backpacking in Paris, she starts wondering if she’s finally found him. But Harry doesn’t fit into any of Emma’s fictional cut-outs. He is neither a beautiful bastard nor a walking disaster. Dammit, he doesn’t even have fangs popping out during sexy times!

Driven by circumstances, they share a hotel room and spend two loquacious nights together in Paris. But then Harry does something which breaks Emma’s heart and she runs away without saying goodbye.

It takes a whole year for them to meet again. But things are different this time. Emma is no longer the naive girl Harry met in Paris. She’s become the reigning Samba queen of Rio and doesn’t need the crutches of fictional or real heroes to lead her life. And not all the sexy v’s and smoldering eyes in the world can make her change her mind.

Undaunted and undeterred, Harry summons all his courage and charm to pursue Emma and convince her that he is worthy of winning her heart back. But will she let him?

Contemporary Romance. HEA ending. 17+


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